Fell Pony Breed: Mother Farmland Analysis

Dawson Steele

My interest in the fell pony began when I was young and learned about it. As an adult, my admiration for these majestic creatures has grown stronger as their unique characteristics of these majestic creatures continue to captivate me. From their glossy coats to their kind personalities there is something utterly irresistible about fell ponies that makes them so desirable to own and ride.

They are not only beautiful but when properly trained they make great horses. Fell ponies are no exception in needing time to develop a bond with their owners and discover what they’re supposed to do to achieve the best from them!

I must admit that my first experience with the fell pony was not quite as successful as I had hoped; he was stubborn and independent! Once he got over me we had some magical moments that will stay with me forever. The first time I heard of this famous quote it didn’t ring more true than when discussing a connection between humans and ponies!

Overview Of The Fell Pony Breed

The fell pony is a breed of horse that has been bred since the middle ages. It originates from Cumbria, England, and is known for its tremendous strength and hardiness. It stands at around 13.2 to 14 hands high with a heavy bone structure, strong legs, and a deep chest; they also possess long manes and tails which are feathered lower down their body. They’re intelligent animals with great stamina making them ideal in agriculture as well as endurance racing.

The fell pony breed is an incredible choice for anyone looking to add a horse to their family. With their strength, beauty, intelligence, and versatility, these ponies are truly one-of-a-kind. In this review, I’ll be discussing why the fell pony is such an amazing breed and what makes them so special.


The fell pony breed originated from northern England in Cumbria. It is believed that they were bred from native British horses mixed with various other species including Friesians, Arabians, welsh cobs, and dales. This unique blend has resulted in a nimble pony that is capable of tackling long distances as well as mountainous terrain with ease.

Physical Characteristics

Fell ponies come in all shapes and sizes which makes them suitable for riders of any age or size. They usually stand between 14-15 hands but have been known to reach up to 16h depending on the individual animal’s genetics. These amazing creatures come in many colors like chestnut, bay, and black!


Fell ponies are quiet animals who can be enjoyed both in and out of the stable. One famous horse trainer once said, “a good horseman can get along just fine with any breed, but he must pay special attention while working with fell ponies due to their remarkable intelligence!” Their tough nature makes them ideal mounts whether it is chopping through fields or tackling steep slopes – whether you take them into the open field, hillside, or woodland, they will be sure to give their all every step of the way!


These ponies are incredibly versatile and can become experienced show jumpers or eventers who excel at competitions despite being smaller than some other breeds out there today – talk about truly outstanding athletes indeed! Whether your goal is simply getting a good hack around town or aiming higher by competing for pro – owning a fell pony offers many possibilities for you both now & beyond today too 🙂

Key Takeaways:

  • Fell ponies originate from Cumbria
  •  14-15 hands tall
  •  Colors: chestnut, bay, black
  •  Intelligent and gentle creatures
  •  Suitable for riders of all ages/sizes
  •  Excel in endurance riding & trail rides
  •  Show jumpers & eventers

Temperament And Characteristics Of A Fell Pony

The fell pony is a miniature mountain horse native to the British Isles. They are well known for their toughness, sturdiness, and boldness, making them an ideal choice for trail riding in rugged terrain as well as long journeys. They have a calm temperament and are loyal to their owners; additionally, they have glossy coats that come in a variety of colors including bay, black, grey, and roan. The fell pony has excellent conformation with strong necks, deep chests, and broad backs. In addition, they possess great agility and balance which makes them excellent candidates for showing as well as cross-country work.

I’m here to tell you that fell ponies are the best breed for all ages of horse lovers. They have a unique combination of beauty, intelligence, and strength that make them stand out from other breeds. With their glossy coats and feathering at their manes, these majestic animals are sure to turn heads wherever they go!


Fell ponies are known for being sweet, gentle, and even-tempered. They are very easygoing and extremely smart – which makes it easy to teach them what you want them to do. In addition, they have strong family ties and therefore bond well with people of all ages (including children)!


The fur of the fox is also silky and soft. Whether you’re exploring their local trails or embarking on a multi-day ride through rugged terrain, you can rely on your trusty fell pony’s stamina and agility to get you where you need to go! We shouldn’t forget their beauty either! With glossy black bay duns brown or gray; white markings around their fetlocks; and feathering at their manes – these ponies look like they came straight out of a fairytale!

Breed Standard

The breed standard set by the Fell Pony Society International is: “a noble pony with strength and courage who is surefooted yet willing!” This standard ensures that all fell ponies meet the same criteria for health, conformation, temperament, performance ability, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gentle, even-tempered equines
  •  Bred as pack horses in England
  •  Sweet, smart, and easy to train
  •  Silky fur and stunning looks
  •  Strong family ties, and bonds with people of all ages
  •  The surefooted yet willing breed standard

History And Origins Of The Fell Pony Breed

The fell pony is a hardy, adaptable breed of horse that arose in the mountainous regions of northern England. It was used by farmers and shepherds to transport goods over long distances, in bad weather and hazardous terrain. The breed has been around since at least the 1500s, and it is believed to be one of the oldest British breeds still alive today.

The fell pony is an iconic breed with a long and storied history. With their muscularity, fortitude, and charming disposition, it’s no wonder why they have been so beloved by royalty and horse enthusiasts alike! In this article, we’ll explore the origins of the fell pony, their uses throughout history, and why they are such a popular choice for riders today.


The fell pony breed began in northern England during medieval times as pack horses used by farmers to transport goods through rugged terrain. They were selected for their muscularity and fortitude, which made them ideal workers in rural parts of Britain. Over time, these horses have been selectively bred to become even stronger animals with a charming disposition that makes them extremely popular among horse owners.

This breed has always been closely associated with royalty because Queen Elizabeth I was a huge fan of the fell ponies who would often accompany her on hunting expeditions in England. She liked them so much that she gave some away as gifts!

War Horses

These ponies also played a critical role in wars all over Europe such as the Second World War where they carried heavy equipment across dangerous battlefields. This remarkable feat showed how strong and reliable these animals are making them a good choice for anyone looking for a riding companion or workhorse today.

Cross-Country Events

Their natural athleticism has also allowed them to excel in cross-country event competitions where their surefootedness comes in handy when they are navigating through high-speed cross-country courses. If you’re interested in breeding or horse competitions, purchasing a fell pony can be an excellent option!

Key Takeaways:

  • Medieval pack horses
  •  Selected for muscularity and fortitude
  •  Popular with royalty, especially Elizabeth I
  •  Carried supplies during WWII
  •  Athletic and surefooted

Uses For A Fell Pony

The fell pony is a robust horse breed that has been used for many purposes throughout history. Its qualities include being skilled at climbing mountains and its intelligence, which makes it easy to train. The breed also has a reputation for being strong and surefooted when traversing rocky terrain. Today the fell pony is still widely utilized in various activities such as equestrianism, show jumping, dressage, and horseracing.

Adding a unique type of horse to your stables can be an exciting experience! The media piper, with its stocky build, lovely coats, and sometimes feathered legs, is a stunning animal that will captivate onlookers wherever it goes. Here are my top ten reasons why I think owning a fell pony is an awesome experience.


The manes and tails of the fell pony are particularly long and luxurious which adds to their overall appearance. For something eye-catching, look no further than the fell pony!


These horses are very flexible concerning the activities they can undertake. This breed can do it all whether it is dressage, showjumping, or endurance riding! Due to their stamina, they can easily haul carts as well as transport adults with convenience when you choose to go trail riding.


These ponies are very intelligent, which makes them good horses for both professional riders and individuals who are just beginning with horses as they learn quickly! I love how eager they are to learn new things, there’s nothing like watching them discover something for themselves in your presence! It’s almost like magic!


One of the many things I adore about this breed is their friendly temperament; if given a chance most will form deep bonds with their owners and eventually become wonderful companions.


If raised properly many ponies from this breed can enjoy long working lives that span decades which makes them even more adorable in my opinion!


Due to their size which is smaller compared with larger breeds such as thoroughbreds/warmbloods etc, they can benefit from this factor. Because they don’t require as much food per day, ponies that have fallen tend not to need as many caretakers either, which ultimately translates into significant cost savings!


This breed has been selectively bred over hundreds of years and naturally, conformation-wise most fall within the standard set by experts in the industry; although slight variations occur depending on where each pony originates from not all specimens belonging to this bloodline will meet certain criteria making evaluating potential purchases relatively easy too!


As previously stated these horses were mainly used for work so it comes as no surprise that when they are properly trained they have an unbelievable degree of endurance whether they be competing at sports events or tackling difficult terrain on trails, these creatures never cease to impress me with how much energy they still have left when others would have already become a large trade center and secured its position as the nation’s financial hub.

Price Point

Another huge perk to purchasing an equine is usually the readily available price point than some other types these equines that are readily obtainable in UK/Europe & North America means buyers end up looking at getting what they want without having to bust their bank account in doing so either… good points?!

Key Takeaways:

  • Unique appearance: stocky build, feathered legs & luxurious manes/tails
  •  Flexible activities: dressage, showjumping & endurance riding
  •  Intelligent & friendly temperament
  •  Long working lives
  •  Cost-effective: small size & low food consumption

Popularity Of The Fell Pony Breed Worldwide

The fell pony breed is known for its intelligence, strength, and versatility. The breed has become increasingly popular worldwide due to its many desirable characteristics. It can be found in countries such as the united states, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand where it is used for riding and driving disciplines. In Europe, the breed is especially popular in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden where there are even national studbooks that track their breeding records. The fell pony society was established in England to promote this unique horse throughout the world.

Ponies have been a part of human history and culture for centuries, but one breed stands out from the rest: the fell pony. They are gaining popularity around the world for their strength and beauty, making them an ideal choice for novice and expert riders alike!


Fells are very strong, with a strong constitution and tough hooves. They require minimal care and can quickly adapt to new environments. Their intelligence makes training easy, as they learn quickly and retain information better than most other breeds. This makes them ideal for dressage, show jumping, hunting, obstacle courses, long-distance events, driving trials – the list goes on!


Fells are unmatched in their versatility. Whether you take them on long trail rides through rugged terrain or keep them as a companion in your backyard, they can handle any situation with ease. Plus they come in a variety of colors – bay roan blue dun chestnut black silver cream – you name it!

Key Takeaways:

  • Fell ponies: strong, versatile & beautiful.
  •  Ideal for novices & experts.
  •  Adaptable to new environments.
  •  Intelligent & quick learners.
  •  Good for trail rides, dressage & show jumping.
  •  Great at hunting & obstacle courses.
  •  Variety of colors with stunning good looks.
  •  Wonderful riding companion with an easy lifestyle.

Breeding And Care Requirements For A Fell Pony

The fell pony is a strong horse breed originally bred in northern England’s mountainous regions. When breeding these horses, proper consideration must be made and an understanding of the breed’s needs and traits. For the horses to stay healthy they need adequate exercise, regular grooming, and proper nutrition. A knowledgeable handler who understands their behavior will also benefit them as both working ponies and leisure horses. Proper care is critical for ensuring that this independent-minded animal reaches its full potential as either a working horse or pleasure mount.

Owning a fell pony is an amazing experience, but it’s important to understand their needs and care requirements before taking the plunge.

Reasons to Own a Fell Pony

While they are fairly easy keepers, good hoof trims are necessary every six weeks or so to maintain a healthy and comfortable ride when riding fell ponies. They also need a lot of exercise, something more than just opening themselves in the field all day! For such a small dog, they are sure to have lots of energy! The best way to protect your pony from health issues is by ensuring he gets enough rest – think of long weekend hacks instead of full days spent at competitions or shows.

Feeding Requirements

Feeding isn’t required since the horses’ stomachs are quite sensitive so make sure you have plenty of hay available throughout the year (especially during winter) as well as any supplements your vet/farrier recommends to get optimum nutritional value.


Owners of the breed should be aware that while they have proven themselves in many farming and hillside regions across Britain it’s true that training sometimes takes longer than expected due to their stubborn nature – but trust me when I say it’ll be worth it when you’re able to share your life with such a wonderful creature! In other words, once you break through those barriers there really is nothing like a fell pony!


During summer months they may require extra grooming sessions as well as cooling rinses to prevent heat exhaustion or sunburns. The winter fur helps improve your dog’s odds of surviving cold weather conditions – in turn, if cold weather hits your area frequently then owning a fell may simply be ideal for you!

Key Takeaways:

  • Strong, hardy character
  •  Hoof trims every 6 weeks
  •  Exercise & grooming important
  •  Winter fur helps in cold weather
  •  Feeding is not required, hay essential
  •  Stubborn nature, but worth it


Despite our love for fell ponies there’s no escaping that they’re not suited to everyone. If you’re looking for an intelligent, faithful, and easy-to-manage horse to keep at home, the fell pony may just be a perfect fit. It’s no wonder why these ponies are becoming increasingly popular among riders of all ages due to their stunning good looks, sound temperaments, and willingness to please.

So if you’ve been thinking about adding a fell pony to your stable of equine companions, just go ahead and do it! You won’t regret it – these graceful ponies have so much to offer any equestrian or rider. From the dignified tread of the horses to their decent conduct and exquisite pelts, they will steal your heart in no time! 

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