Gamefowl Breeds: Beginners Guide

Ashley Beckman

Hey poultry enthusiasts, listen up! If you’re looking for breeds of gamefowl that will have your yard rocking and rolling with excitement, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the scoop on some of the top breeds of chickens for those who live to raise and show their birds. So grab a cold one, pull up a chair, and let’s get this cockfighting party started. Yee-haw!

Introduction to Gamefowl Breeds

Gamefowls are a type of chicken that is bred and used for cockfighting. Cockfighting, which dates back centuries, is a sport often viewed as controversial but some still enjoy it. There are many breeds of gamefowls, each with its own unique characteristics and attributes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular breeds.

Leiper Hatch

The Leiper Hatch is perhaps the most popular gamefowl breed. It originated in the United State, in the late 19th century, and is known for being able to hold its ground in a fight. They have long legs and relatively small body sizes compared to other breeds making them agile fighters. The plumage on their body and wings is also sparse compared to other breeds which makes them more aerodynamic while they’re in flight.

White hackles

White hackles are another breed of gamefowl that originated in England and date back to the early nineteenth century. What stands out about this breed is that they’re incredibly strong fliers; due to their large wingspan when compared to their normal-sized body, they can gain altitude quickly thus gaining an advantage over competitors during fights. Most other gamefowls usually struggle to go higher than 20ft in the air but White hackles can go up to twice that height!


Noticeably distinct from other breeds, Roundheads are nicknamed “boulders” because of their compact structure giving them an overall wide appearance when looking head-on; they have broad chests and thick legs as well which helps them retain stamina even after lengthy fights with opponents. This breed doesn’t have much power behind its strikes but prefers more defensive tactics where one would try and control the flow of combat rather than overpowering their opponent right away as most others do.


Each breed of gamefowl has different characteristics and attributes depending on what you want to get out of your fights or just which ones look better off all! You can learn more about these birds by talking to experienced owners or simply conducting research online. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you want to get involved with this sport or not but whatever choice you make just be sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Gamefowl has been a part of agriculture and food production in certain countries for centuries, with many different breeds coming out of this long line of history. Knowing the most popular breeds can help anyone interested in raising gamefowl or trying their hand at some friendly competitions. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular breeds to be aware of.

Official Breeds

When it comes to the official breeds of gamefowl, there are several that stand out: the American pitbull, Irish red, Havana brown, and Java crossbreed. Each is unique in its size, coloring, and temperament. The American pitbull is known for its strength and temperament, while the Irish red has darker feathers with distinct white markings around its eyes. The Havana brown features striking black feathers, and the Java crossbreed was bred for endurance during long fights.

Crossbred Variants

In addition to these precise official breeds, there are also some variant crossbred birds that have become popular over time due to their hardiness and ability to survive in just about any environment. These are designed specifically as fighting birds to be used in cockfighting competitions – some examples are Roundhead crosses such as Asil-Derby and hatch-Asil; Kelso crosses such as Miller-Daytona; and more complex crosses such as Leiper-Butchers or Radials-Sids.


Whether you’re looking for fighting birds or just hobbyists wanting an interesting pet bird, there are plenty of options when it comes to gamefowl breeds. Become familiar with each breed based on its size, coloring, behavior, and other qualities, so that you can select the best-suited variety for your particular project.

American Gamefowl Breeds

American gamefowl breeds are some of the most interesting and unique chickens out there. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, which makes them so perfect for just about any yard or smallholding. Here’s a look at some of the most popular American gamefowl breeds.


The Dominique is an old American breed that dates back to the 1700s. It is one of the easiest American gamefowls to care for due to its calm nature and hardiness. The Dominique has distinct white barring on its feathers and thick toes which help it move through the underbrush better than other chickens when looking for food.


The Dorking is another popular American gamefowl breed that comes in both large and bantam sizes. This bird is a great choice for smallholders as its docile nature makes it easy to handle. The Dorking also has excellent egg-laying capabilities, laying up to five eggs per week!

Plymouth Rocks

One of the oldest American gamefowl breeds is Plymouth Rock. This bird has been bred since 1863 but its popularity skyrocketed during the Great Depression when people used it as a dual-purpose bird (both egg-laying and meat birds). Plymouth Rock is also known for its hardiness and resistance to diseases.


The Wyandotte is named after an Indigenous tribe from Ontario Canada which was brought over to America in 1883. Today, this bird is very popular in both utility and exhibition flocks due to its hardiness, lack of disease susceptibility, pleasant disposition, egg-laying capabilities, and ability to withstand cold weather conditions better than other breeds.


American gamefowl breeds offer a wide variety of looks, personalities, and abilities which make them perfect choices for any smallholder or backyard flock owner looking for a unique bird with many different purposes. All these different breeds are sure to bring joy to any poultry keeper looking for something special!

Asiatic Gamefowl Breeds

Ayam Cemani

The Ayam Cemani is a Black Chicken originating from Indonesia. It is a very rare breed and one of the most expensive in the world! They have a distinctive black color, which can range from dark green-black to iridescent blue-black. The poultry’s feathers are an even shade of black as well as its wattles, comb, beak, legs, toes, and meat. They also have unique multicolored eggs that range from blue-green to light green in color.

Silkie Bantam

The Silkie Bantam is a breed of chicken that originated in China and Japan. It is recognizable by its very soft, fluffy plumage and crest or “top knot” on its head. These birds come in multiple colors including black, buff, gray, white, and partridge. Silkies are great pets that are calm and friendly by nature – making them perfect for kids! Plus they can lay up to four small white eggs each week!


The Kabir is another popular Asiatic gamefowl breed with origins dating back to India around 700 years ago. This Chicken has a beautiful plumed tail with a very muscular structure. The most popular variety of this bird comes in shades of orange with tan spots throughout the body – but there are also other varieties such as white with orange spots and black with white spots!


The Malay Chicken is another popular Asiatic game fowl originating from Malaysia and Southeast Asia region. These birds produce blue eggs which are often collected for their distinct coloration. This breed has long necks and large crests on their heads with various colorful feathers covering their entire body – usually consisting of black and white barring. Malays make excellent watchdogs due to their alertness and will let you know when something unusual happens outside your home!

Thai Microgame

Last but not least we have the Thai Microgame – this diminutive bird originates from Thailand and is one of the smallest Asiatic game fowl breeds out there! They look like miniature versions of the other game chickens with a stocky body structure and short wings. Their plumage consists mostly of shades of brown although some varieties display mottled browns throughout their feathers as well.


Asiatic gamefowl breeds come in all shapes and sizes but all provide unique characteristics that set them apart from other Chicken breeds. From the Ayam Cemani’s completely black feathering to the Thai Microgame’s diminutive size – these birds have something for everyone! So if you’re looking for an interesting addition to your home flocks or just want an amazing variety to show off at poultry shows – these five Asiatic breeds might be a perfect choice for you!

English Gamefowl Breeds

The Old English Game

The Old English Game is a breed of fowl that can be traced all the way back to the 1600s. It is believed to have originated in England, but it was actually developed in Scotland. This breed is incredibly hardy and is known for its fierce fighting spirit. The Old English Game is an attractive-looking bird as well, with its mottled feathering and a wide variety of colorations.

The Red Pyle

The Red Pyle is another popular English gamefowl breed. This bird was developed from various other breeds of chickens, and the result was a stunning array of red, golden, and black feathers. The Red Pyle can reach sizes of up to 13 pounds, though it is generally smaller than most other breeds. This bird is not only interesting to look at, but it also has a strong and aggressive nature that makes it well-suited for cockfighting or even as a personal guard animal.

grey face Dartmoor

The Greyface Dartmoor is yet another popular English gamefowl breed. It originated in the southwest part of England and has been around since the 19th century. These birds are prized for their impressive muscle mass, which makes them ideal for any type of combat sport or guard animal duties. Additionally, they are noted for having a high level of intelligence when compared to other breeds.


The Orpington is an iconic English gamefowl that dates back more than one hundred years! This breed’s origination can be traced back to Kents England where it was selectively bred over time to become a highly regarded show bird as well as a fierce fighter perfect for use in cockfighting rings! Orpingtons come in several different varieties including Black Shubreds–a black-feathered breed with excellent qualities for combat–Jubilee Splashbacks–multi-colored feathers on white-feathered types–and White Berkshire–a very rare white-feathered fowl with impressive physical traits!

Cornish Gamebirds

Last but definitely not least, there are Cornish Gamebirds—a compact-sized but strong English fowl! This variety’s popularity began in 1895 in Cornwall UK as small-sized cockerels bred specifically for cockfighting purposes! These birds had several distinct breed characteristics such as their deep chest frames and heavily muscled legs which made them highly capable fighters against other fowl in competitions or sports! They passed on these very physical qualities through generations making them well sought out today by hobbyists who appreciate the exceptional qualities they possess!


English gamefowl has been popularized in show circuits around the world as well as remained grounded in their beginnings as intense fighters throughout England’s history. Whether you’re interested in maintaining this iconic heritage with your own personal flock or wish to acquire any of this rare old gamefowl for show purposes, you can never go wrong with adding any one of these beautiful birds into your own life!

Hatch Gamefowl Breeds

Game fowl is a type of chicken that has been bred specifically to fight in cockfights. Though this practice has been outlawed in many countries, GAMEFOWL IS STILL A POPULAR SPORT BREED for those who keep them for show or exhibition. They possess an aggressive genetic disposition, which makes them well-suited to the ring. Additionally, they tend to have strong muscular bodies with hefty legs and wings that make them adept against the other roosters they are pitted against in battle.

Which Breeds Belong to the Game Fowl Family?

There are a variety of breeds of game fowl — such as Colonial American gamefowl, English gamefowl, and Oriental gamefowl — but all trace their ancestry back to the Asiatic birds of India and Malaysia. The most popular breed currently is the Hatch strain, developed by J.D. and William Hatch between 1889-1909 in Sherman, Texas. This breed was specially crafted to combat its successors on equal footing in the ring. Other strains available today include Roundheads, Greys, Malayans, Kelso, Law Greys, and White hackles.

How to Care for Game Fowl Breeds Properly?

For your broodstock or birds used for breeding hens to be competitive in the rings, it’s important to provide them with the best care possible during their lifetimes. To ensure optimal performance and survival capability within the cockfighting arena, nutrition is very important; many feed their chickens cracked corn mixed with protein sources like fish meal or beef meal supplements. Additionally, as roosters age, they can become vulnerable to disease so proper housing conditions are essential to keep these birds healthy throughout their lives.

Conclusion: Public Perception of Cock Fighting Games

Though these birds were originally bred for competition in the form of cockfighting matches, public perceptions about animal cruelty have led many countries to enact laws criminalizing cockfighting and other animal cruelty crimes involving animals such as dogs and horses. Despite this change in sentimentality towards animal welfare, non-aggressive recreational activities that use these beautiful creatures still abound such as exhibitions at poultry shows or backyard contests of athleticism — highlighting just how versatile these feathered friends can be!

Roundhead Gamefowl Breeds: All You Need To Know


The Roundhead Gamefowl is an ancient breed of chicken, originating from England over four hundred years ago. It was primarily used for fighting in the “sport” of cockfighting. Originally known as Pit Fighting Cocks, these birds have evolved and adapted over time to become the perfect fighting bird. This breed is also known for its great fertility and heat tolerance, making it a favorite among breeders.


The Roundhead Gamefowl typically has a muscular build with short, rounded wings and a large, deep chest. The head is very round and symmetrical with short wattles and a short upright comb. The legs are usually yellow with some feathers reaching down the sides of their legs creating a “panty” appearance. They are usually solid black or white in color but may also have some flecking or spots of other colors such as red or blue. Most Roundheads have feathered legs; however, bald-legged varieties do exist.


Roundheads are known for their calm demeanor and gentle nature; they make a great addition to any backyard flock. They are generally docile birds and will get along well with other breeds in the flock, rarely appearing aggressive towards other hens or roosters. They often seek out companionship from humans and can easily be handled if raised correctly.


As with any bird breed, proper housing is key to health and happiness. Make sure that the housing is large enough to accommodate all your birds without overcrowding them; one square foot per bird would be a good rough guideline for this breed as they can easily become small when overcrowded. Providing daily access to fresh food and water is essential as well as providing access to dust baths and other enrichment activities such as scramble areas or roosting bars to keep them entertained throughout the day.


The Roundhead Gamefowl offers many desirable traits such as adaptability, docility, fertility, heat tolerance, and efficiency in the show ring or pit, which makes this breed a great choice for anyone interested in recreational fowling or breeding birds of this type. With proper care and an understanding of these amazing birds, you’ll find they quickly become part of your family!

Grey Gamefowl Breeds: Get to Know the Different Types

As someone interested in gamefowl, you may be wondering about the different breeds of grey gamefowl. There are many varieties available and each has its own distinctive characteristics that make them unique. In this article, we will explore the various types of grey gamefowl and discover how they differ from one another.

Old English and American Greys

The most popular and well-known breed of grey gamefowl is the Old English breed. This breed is known for being large, strong birds with a good sense of direction. They typically have white feathers with black spots, giving them their signature look. The American Grey, on the other hand, is smaller in size than the Old English but still has a good sense of direction when it comes to finding prey or directions. They often have gray feathers as opposed to white and black, as evidenced by their name.

Hybrid Greys

Hybrid greys consist of crosses between two different breeds, such as the Old English and American breeds. These birds are usually larger in size than both parent breeds and can be found in various colors such as blue and gold. This hybridization process produces birds that possess the qualities of both parent bird species. They can be used for exhibition purposes, however, they are not typically recommended for competitive fighting due to their more unpredictable temperament which can make them harder to train.

Kelso Gamefowl

Kelso gamefowl is a breed of grey bird that was developed in Texas during the 1930s. This breed combines traits from several other grey gamefowl breeds, including Spanish Gray Crosses, Roundheads, Sweaters, and Greys into one combination bird with its own distinct color pattern – mostly grey with darkened lacing on some of the breast feathering and lighter arching feathers over its rump area. Kelso’s are renowned for their intelligence and power in the pit, making them excellent choices for competitive events if trained correctly.


Grey gamefowl come in many different varieties – from those with bright colors to greyscale hues – each offering something unique for sports enthusiasts everywhere! From iconic old English greys to hybrid crossbreeds to Kelso gamefowl, there’s a perfect grey companion out there for anyone interested in raising these animals or using them in competitive sports events.

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing to think that some of the most popular gamefowl breeds have been revered by poultry enthusiasts for hundreds of years. Every day, more and more people are drawn to these majestic creatures, trying their hand at breeding and showing them off at pageants.

Personally, I know there’s something special about gamefowl that always takes my breath away. The beauty of their plumage and the proud makeup of their features has been a lifelong favorite fascination.

Gamefowl is one area of poultry keeping where there is still very much potential to explore. With so many breeds out there in the world, anyone can get started and choose a bird or two that they find particularly captivating. All it takes is a bit of knowledge and determination to become a successful gamefowl enthusiast.

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